Judy Freiwirth, Psy.D. Principal


We Help You to Be More Effective

Mass Housing EventNonprofit Solutions Associates has extensive experience helping boards, staff, and communities work together to achieve their organizations’ goals. Our 30-plus years of experience working with nonprofits affords us a unique perspective on the challenges you face.

Nonprofit Solutions Associates can assist with a wide variety of issues, such as your organization’s governance, strategic planning, executive and organizational transitions and evaluation. We also work closely with different stakeholders within your organization on issues such as diversity initiatives and team development.

See what we can do for you:

  • Governance and Board Development
  • Strategic Planning
  • Organizational transitions
    • strategic alliances
    • restructuring
    • mergers and acquisitions
    • organizational redesign
  • Executive transition and succession Planning
  • Community and organizational assessment
  • Diversity and inclusion initiatives
  • Leadership coaching
  • Program Evaluation and outcome measurement
  • Constituent leadership development and community-engagement
  • Membership development
  • Team development
  • Human resource practices and coaching
  • Conflict management and mediation
  • Retreat and meeting facilitation